Defender 5 (lightly used with new handpiece)




Great condition and power. Currently on site at UK Beauty.
12 Month Guarantee included @ £200


The Defender 5  is our top selling laser.Its newly launched, and the housing is very nice, and solid.


The Defender 5, used the largest of our touchscreen displays, and offers an increased power output, with the 500W power boards internally.

It offers 10 laser shots per second, opposed to the maximum of 6 shots on other machines.  The software on the machine can be easily updated via the USB slot on the back of the machine, so its easy to stay up to date with new software revisions etc..  You can also use the USB port to control the machine via a USB Wired Mouse if preferred.

We also offer a FREE Carbon Laser Toning kit with all Defender sales.   The sale consists of a brand new handpiece, the machine, and footswitch and power cord.

We now offer free machine branding on the 10″ touchscreen display if you have a logo you want to use.

Machine training is free of charge and is given on site at our premises upon purchase of a Laser, this comes with a certificate for you to take away with you.

In addidtion to this, there is another course called the “CORE OF KNOWLEDGE” which is the main thing local authorities and insurers expect you to have, its a very informative and interesting course and you can complete it in the comfort of your own home or workplace.  It can be completed in 3-4 hours, but you have 60 days access to start, stop and pause the course if you wish to take a little more time.  This will also gain you a certificate, called the “Core of Knowledge”

Usually this is all the training required, but in some areas the Local Authority may ask you for additional things, which may cost up to £300 but that’s very rare.


You can download the operating instructions and consent forms and any other reelevant info on the Ultraplus Website.

We prefer to offer the operation manuals, opposed to flashy sales literature, as our way provides more informative information on the exact unit.


Please feel free to contact me should you have any further questions or comments.